post-doc research

Since August 2020, I am a post-doc researcher in the interdisciplinary project “Responsible Artificial Intelligence in clinical DecisIOn-making” (RAIDIO), funded by the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO). My research on the historical and conceptual dimensions of artificial intelligence in radiology and pathology is based at Maastricht University in the STS-department (now called Society Studies).

Responsible Artificial Intelligence in clinical DecisIOn-making” (RAIDIO)
(link to NWO-website), short summary of the project:

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) is considered one of the most transformative forces of our time. The digital transition enabling the use of AI is rapidly emerging, especially within image-based medicine (pathology and radiology). While the technical possibilities of digitalization and AI in medicine have been in the fore of academic debate, understanding and guidance for the responsible development and use of such technologies is urgently required. Now is the right time to scrutinize the process of digitalization and the desired role for AI in image-based medicine with ‘ethics parallel research’, as AI is currently being implemented but not yet ‘carved in stone.’

The overall aim of this proposal is twofold: 1) to investigate the digital transition in image-based medicine; and 2) to ethically evaluate the role of AI in clinical decision-making. Detailed ethical analyses will be conducted to scrutinize and refine central concepts in AI-augmented medicine. Empirical qualitative approaches will identify factors that influence the digital transition and perspectives on responsible development and use of AI technology in medicine. We will also develop an ethnographic film to inform patients and the public about these findings to stimulate debate and reflection. The outcomes of these investigations will form the basis for a theoretically profound and empirically informed framework for the responsible development and use of AI in image-based medicine. During the project we will also reflect on the nature of interdisciplinary collaboration.

The project is a collaboration between the University Medical Centre Utrecht, Maastricht University and Radboud UMC. Researchers involved are Annelien Bredenoord (professor of Ethics of Biomedical Innovation at UMCU), Jojanneke Drogt (UMCU), Karin Jongsma (UMCU), Flora Lysen (UM), Megan Milota (UMCU), Shoko Vos (RadboudUMC) and Sally Wyatt (UM).