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“Brainmedia: One Hundred Years of Performing Live Brains, 1920-2020” (accepted for public defense on 28 May 2020)

Peer-reviewed journal articles

“It Blinks, It Thinks? Luminous Brains and a Visual Culture of Electric Display, Circa 1930.” Nuncius 32, no. 2 (2017): 412-39.

“Blinking Brains, Corporate Spectacle and the Atom Man. The exhibition “Visual Aspects of Science” at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1962.” Stedelijk Studies, no. 2 (2015).

“What to Do with the “Most Modern” Artworks? Erwin Panofsky and the Art History of Contemporary Art.” Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture 3 (2014): 38-49

(with P. Pisters). “Introduction: The Smooth and the Striated.” Deleuze Studies 6, no. 1 (2012): 1-5.

Edited journal issues

(forthcoming, with Hannah Fitsch) Special issue on “Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research in the field of critical (Sex/ Gender) neuroscience.” Frontiers of Sociology (forthcoming 2021)

(with P. Pisters). Issue dedicated to “The Smooth and the Striated,” Deleuze Studies 6, no. 1 (2012)

Book Chapters

“Kissing and Staring in Times of Neuromania: The Social Brain in Art-Science Experiments.” In Artful Ways of Knowing, Dialogues between Artistic Research and Science & Technology Studies, edited by Trevor Pinch, Henk Borgdorff and Peter Peters. Routledge Advances in Art and Visual Studies, 167-83. London & New York: Routledge, 2019.

“The Interface Is the (Art)Work: EEG-Feedback, Circuited Selves and the Rise of Real-Time Brainmedia (1964–1977).” In Brain Art: Brain-Computer Interfaces for Artistic Expression, edited by Anton Nijholt, 33-63. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2019.

“The Brain Observatory and the Imaginary Media of Memory Research.” In Memory in the Twenty-First Century: New Critical Perspectives from the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences, edited by Sebastian Groes, 57-62. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

“Grey Matter and Colored Wax.” In Textures of the Anthropocene: Grain, Vapor, Ray, edited by Katrin Klingan, Ashkan Sepahvand and Bernd M. Scherer, 73-83. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2015.

“After We Knew That the Earth Was a Sphere.” Spherical Consciousness in the Work of Stan Vanderbeek and Richard Buckminster Fuller.” In The Whole Earth. California and the Disappearance of the Outside, edited by Anselm Franke and Diederich Diederichsen, 150-55. Berlin & New York: Sternberg Press, 2013.

Selected popular scientific publications & appearances

Radio-interview about my dissertation research on “Brainmedia,” NPO1 Focus op Wetenschap, July 2020

Invited appearance as cultural historian of the brain and mind sciences in the Dutch documentary Are You There? (2019) By Maartje Nevejan, about visualizing and conceptualizing epilepsy research (nominated for Best Documentary at the Nederlands Filmfestival)

“Technokittens and Brainbow Mice. Negotiating New Neural Imaginaries.” In Speculations on Anonymous Materials; Nature after Nature; Inhuman: [Fridericianum, Kassel, September 29, 2013 – June 14, 2015], edited by Susanne Pfeffer, 167-83. London; Kassel: Koenig Books, 2018.

“A North-South Divide in Artistic Research Land? Notes on Articulating Methodologies-in-the- Making.” Doing Artistic Research: A Collaboratory. Symposium on Artistic Research Practices. Maastricht: Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere, March 20, 2018. (online publication)

“Neurofutures of Love. Reflections on E.E.G. KISS, an art-science experiment at Baltan Laboratories.” Baltan Quaterly (2016): 4-5.

“De Meetbaarheid van Een Hersenspinsel.” Metropolis M, no. 5 (November 2014): 72–75.

“Fantoom van de Geest.” Parmentier, no. 21–1 (2012): 50–53.

“Nieuw curatoren-netwerk voor kunst en wetenschap in Berlijn,” Metropolis M, 27 september 2011 (online publicatie)